The Hounds of Tindalos: Reconstructed Timeline of Events

This is my attempt at a chronological list of events mentioned in Frank Belknap Long’s short story, “The Hounds of Tindalos.” I am including the events of the ‘present’ only – not those mentioned as being in the distant past.

Here be spoilers:

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Refreshing 7-Eleven

An Unofficial Logo Design Experiment

All this digging into 7-Eleven’s graphic identity (BTTF II & Lucky Dragon) has made me want to do my own version of a futuristic 7-Eleven logo.

I tweaked the 7 in numerous subtle ways, adding a hint of italics. I then tweaked the text to match. Because I like what Burger King did with their logo recently, I thought I’d try to do the same thing here: take something previously rectangular, and shape it into a circle. The resulting shape can also suggest a crescent moon, implying their late-night hours.

7-Eleven Experiment
An unofficial logo redesign experiment.

A Few Words on Logo Design


Approximately 1,000 Words

on Logo Design



Ono-Sendai Logo

Logo for a (fictional) artificial diamond company.

The source for this (fictional) ‘company’ was a short story published in 1981, so I decided to go in a somewhat retro, 1980’s ‘futuristic’ direction. The above logo began as a text treatment / word mark. Please click the link below to read my case study:

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H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Nameless City” Annotated

I have taken the liberty of annotating (footnoting, actually) HPL’s “The Nameless City,” in fixed-layout PDF format.

Hopefully, I’ve caught most, if not all of the British-isms and archaic spellings and obscure references. This is deliberately designed for someone less familiar with HPL’s British spellings and obscure words (“vigintillion” for example). May be useful for English Second Language (ESL) students?

I thought I’d try out my scholarship on this lesser-known story, rather than having a go at “The Call of Cthulhu” first.

111 footnotes on 25 pages.

Please let me know what you think.

Nameless City