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Alien (1979): “Balaji Imperial” Cigarettes Pack Replica

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After a lot of on-and-off work, I’ve finally printed, cut and folded my first set of Balaji Imperial cigarettes replicas:


Here’s a sample of the files associated with this project:

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 9.45.25 AM

I made multiple versions of the box art, and two versions of a hypothetical tax stamp as well. The package art shown in the big photo above is as close to screen-accurate as I can get, given the references. Some of the smaller text I had to guess at, and the art on the top flap is speculative as well.

The die-line was tricky as well, and still needs to be improved in places.

Alien Universe Replica Graphics Update

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Alien Universe Replica Graphics.jpg

The recent work on the Conestoga-class patch brings my total to 53 canon and non-canon graphics.

Alien Day Stuff

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Not on sale, but still for sale, many silly shirts:

Aspen Beer Red Logo

Aspen Beer White Logo

Balaji Imperial Pack Art

CM88B Bison Promo


Narcissus E1 Shirt

Nostromo Boot Screen

I’m Ready for Ripley

Zazzle Sale on White Shirts!

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There is a 33% off white t-shirts sale at Zazzle.

Use the secret code “LABORDAYTEES.”

Here are all my white shirts, I think.

Zazzle Sale Through Monday: 25% Off!

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Use the secret code “ZENDOFSEASON”

Balaji Imperial Replica Project Update: September 1, 2015

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It took quite a bit of looking, but I was able to find and purchase some glossy tan cardstock. And it is exactly the right color.

Assuming everything goes as planned, I will be able to offer an inkjet-printed, die-cut / perforated, un-assembled flat pack, which you will then score, punch out and assemble yourself.

No ETA yet, no price yet.

Sale: 30% Off Mugs at Zazzle!

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There is a 30% off sale on mugs at Zazzle this weekend only! A $17 mug would now be $12. Pretty significant savings.

And I have many attractive mugs for sale :)

Including some new ones I made just today! Confed logos, Maas-Neotek logos, Balaji logos, Red Star Lines logos, EU patch mugs, etc!

If you don’t see any of the above mugs, Zazzle may not have updated yet. Try these links:

Balaji Wordmark Mug

Balaji Package Art Mug

Farside Lunar Mining Patch Mug

Red Star Lines Mug

EU Patch Mug

Confed Combo Mark Mug

BR Blimp Mug

Maas-Neotek Mug

HPL 125 Logo Mug

The above mugs are all new products. Other mugs are available as well.

And the secret code for 30% off mugs is: LOVEOURZMUGS

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