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Kenneth Hite, Lovecraft scholar, podcast host (and sometimes guest), and RPG creator & guru is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund

Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations

A reference & info guide & companion for most of the settings used in HPL’s fiction. This will be in the vein and in fact a companion piece to his previous work, Tour de Lovecraft: The Tales.

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Dinotopia: The Books: The Journals

The Dinotopia books are framed as ‘found manuscripts,’ a technique popular in gothic (in the literary sense) novels, usually as the subtitle “Manuscript Found in an Abandoned Castle,” “Manuscript Found in a Bottle,” etc. Lovecraft does this as well.

The frame for these books are the ‘found’ 19th century journals of shipwreck survivor Arthur Denison and his son. Gurney mocked-up the first journal, though whether this was simply for himself or for inspiration or as a model for an illustration I don’t know:

Journal the First - Original Maquette

He also made a more polished version of the third journal for public exhibition:

Here is a staged tableau, and JG’s illustration of the same:



Here are some regrettably small images of the book, showing the spine and lock:

Dinotopia: The Books: The Props

I forget how or why, but I thought of Dinotopia last night, and I’d like to present some of the illustrations of props and set dressing that appear in the books:


Compare the amulet above with the real, Egyptian amulets below, also illustrated by James Gurney:

Amulet Scarabs by JG.jpg

Many more illustrations below the jump:

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The Hunt for Red October: Ryan’s Tactics Book Replica

As seen in Ryan’s briefcase while he’s packing in the opening credits:

shot0002 retouched

“I’m not an agent, I just write books for the CIA.”

Identified the fonts, set the type, estimated the size of the book from a scan, and recreated the wonky graphic of the hammer & sickle. Find a donor book, about 256 pages thick, about 6.25 x 9.25 inches, or make a dummy. Trim along the trim lines, or leave the left side untrimmed to wrap around the spine and back. Print on glossy or semi-gloss white or very light tan heavy paper.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 12.15.16 PM

Tactics Cover Replica

“I know this book…”