Aliens: Carter Burke’s Business Card

Burke gives Ripley this business card at the end of his visit with Gorman.

Note that there appear to be two slightly different variations of the card: One is a simple rectangle with rounded corners and centered content, much like a modern business card, most visible in the first two screencaps, from scenes with the principal actors:

The other version, more commonly seen in replicas, appears to have two tapered, angled corners and off-center content, most visible in the close-up shot of the card on the table:


It is not immediately clear whether the proportions of this tapered card are the same as a modern business card or not.

Automata: Jacq Vaucan’s Business Card Replica

Based on the screencap below. Could not ID the font used at the bottom, so I had to settle for ‘close enough.’


This is sized to a European standard (which seemed more appropriate), not the traditional American size.

Business Card

EDIT: Removed the grey outline from the PDF, because you can easily get a cheap corner rounder at the craft store.