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The Expanse: Replica Graphics Inventory


Up to 59 as of today. I should do the Ceres Air-Water-Power logo. The most recent additions are the ‘name tags’ on Amos & Naomi’s jumpsuits.

The Expanse: Star Helix Uniform Belt Gear

This Star Helix uniformed officer can be seen when Miller is thrown out of Star Helix HQ on Ceres.

The Expanse - Season 1

Besides a collapsible baton, a pair of handcuffs and a Star Helix pistol & holster, he is also carrying a FoxFury “Scout Tasker Fire” or “Scout Tasker Safety” flashlight.

Ceres Station Seal Shirts

I think I’ve finally got a good replica of the ‘seal’ of Ceres Station. It has some asymmetrical idiosyncrasies that were difficult to nail down with the reference material available.


Available in 3 versions at TeePublic.

The Expanse: Star Helix Shield Logo

Star Helix shield logo with text on shirts & such.

Note that I am printing the navy blue interior color in the logo, so if you get a navy blue shirt, the two blues may not match.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 7.17.06 PM