Happy Birthday, Joe Pantoliano!

Perhaps best known as the traitorous Cypher from The Matrix, Joe Pantoliano is also the abrasive Teddy in Memento, Cosmo from The Fugitive and US Marshals, and (my favorite) the dapper Eddie Ventro in Congo.


“I feel the money hairs on the back of my neck going ‘Woo, woo woo!'”

Happy Birthday, Ernie Hudson!

Munro Kelly Cropped
“Seriously?” Oh, yes, Ernie. Super serious.

Born December 17, 1945, in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

“I am your great, white hunter; although I happen to be black.”


Perhaps one of the few people who has positive memories of Congo. Sounds like he had a good time. I’m glad.

That’s the best cap I could get of Muro Kelly. He does not get a lot of solo, smiling screen time.

Shirts Added to TeePublic, Still on Sale!

You have 6.5 hours of $14 tees left. I have added approximately two dozen shirts to my TeePublic store:


Many of these are brand new to anywhere, so please take a look.

Sale @ TeePublic!

All t-shirts are now $14, and other products are discounted similarly.

I have 3 new shirts up, just in time:


The top row, from left to right, are from Congo, Congo and Westworld. My “TraviCom” shirts are replicas of the shirts worn by the ill-fated first “Blue Contract” team in Africa, as seen below:

The Westworld shirt is (apparently) the logo of the Delos resort, though it certainly does not get much screen time. You only see it in the intro film on the hovercraft. Note the division of the circle into three segments, like the three themed areas of the resort.

The bottom row are more recent shirts, but not brand new.

Congo: TraviCom ID Tag Replicas

As seen on Karen and Rudy:

Thanks to a behind the scenes image, I’ve been able really replicate these quite accurately. Print files below the jump!

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Congo: Homolka’s Ring


I like this ring, though it’s details don’t seem to jive with the pseudo-Egyptian style of Zinj as shown later in the movie. Additionally, King Solomon was not even Egyptian, guys. Upon further reflection, I don’t think an average American moviegoer would even recognize any other African style… Still, it’s a nice prop, and a bit more practical than a log-sized laser. Probably more affordable, too. Something you could wear every day, as I’m sure Homolka does.

It’s worth noting, simply for the record, that the ‘eye’ design on the ring is hidden on the interior side of the revolving top part, and the usual visible side of this is a domed, polished, gold-tone gemstone of some sort, or possibly glass.

Additionally, this ring is associated with a small red book that Homolka has in his hands while watching Elliot’s Amy presentation at the college. It’s not entirely clear whether this is a normal book, or is hollowed-out inside as a hiding place for the ring. It’s possible that this book is in fact meant to be the book that Homolka mentions finding in Soviet Georgia which mentions Zinj and has the engraving with the eye motif.

Upon close inspection of the book, it is bound in tooled red leather in an Arabic style, with a flap, and does contain some kind of art inside; whether that is Arabic writing and calligraphy is not perfectly clear. However, if it is an Arabic book, then Homolka is holding it upside-down.