Terminator 2: Cyberdyne Prototype Neural Net Processor

This is seen in Dyson’s lab at Cyberdyne, and he has a duplicate in his home office.

The following images are from DVD special features:

Terminator 2: Cyberdyne Symposium 1990 Poster

Very briefly seen on the wall of Miles Dyson’s home office is an abstract poster for a Cyberdyne Symposium in Monterey, California in 1990:

After much fiddling around trying to determine the proper fonts and arrangement of elements, I have replicated it and placed it up for sale on TeePublic as a poster:


Assuming it is not detected and terminated by The Powers That Be, you may purchase it here:

Symposium Poster

The original appears to be a standard 2 x 3 foot poster, in a simple black metal frame, with glass or plastic. You may purchase the full size version, or mini versions of the same. Regrettably, this art does not lend itself well to a shirt, due to its asymmetry and proportions.