Johnny Mnemonic Shirts at TeePublic

Put seven new designs up on TeePublic yesterday:

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.13.32 AM

The Sogo 7 logo from the ‘datagloves,’ the Sino-Logic 16 logo, a stylized pointy blue shape from cyberspace, the ‘height’ glyph from cyberspace, some Chinese text from cyberspace, and the Burdine logo from the opening cyberspace sequence, and the logo of the Beijing Hotel (not shown in the above image). Lots of excitement.

“I want roomservice!”


For Sale: So Many New Johnny Mnemonic Shirts! Also Stickers & Pins, etc.

Uploaded many pieces of JM art last night, and now they are all approved and populated. So many shirts! Also some pins / buttons and stickers:

Ta da! From left to right, we have:

the Yakuza symbol, VR Type 3 banner, Sogo 7 Datagloves box inscription

Beijing taxi graphics, green “Glove” character, GPL logotype

Medelin Data Havens logo, ONO logotype, and a pretty, pointy polyhedron from cyberspace

All pretty obscure, if that’s your thing :)

Available here and now, also sometimes on pins or buttons.

If you want a design on a different color tee, or on a different product, just ask!

For Sale: Johnny Mnemonic: Cyberpunk Shirts & Whatnot!

Uploaded some of my JM art, so now you have wonderful products to choose from. And there will be more soon.

We have the Tessier-Ashpool wordmark, the GPL Stealth Module logo, the “height” character, and some nonsensical Chinese characters. Also, there may be a mug and stickers in there.