Happy Birthday, Aidan Quinn!

I’d like to wish a happy birthday to Aidan Quinn, currently portraying Captain Gregson, NYPD, on Elementary. He’s so dreamy…


Insert Silly Photoshop Here :)

…I’m trying to think of a silly, law enforcement double entendre, but I’m drawing a blank. Maybe next year. We’re happy you’ve found love, Captain.

Elementary: Sherlock’s Lapel Pin(s)

Taken from hi-res promo stills:

And then there’s this one (also from a promo still):


Which may be the same pin, desaturated or in silver. Or not. The three above appear to be the Arethusa coin / pin / replica.

There are at least two other pins, however: The much-rumored Royal Marines pin and what appears to be a gold Sovereign:

Gold (?) full Sovereign coin / replica / pin on the left, Royal Marines pin on the right. The above images have been taken from promo stills / screencaps. Below are examples of the ‘real’ found objects, as seen on the internet:

Again, because I do not know their exact size, I cannot be sure what they are (pins, cufflinks, tie tacks, replicas, etc).