Elysium: World Map ID’ed

This showed up in the auctions:


I’m guessing it was set dressing for the orphanage scenes.

Totally by accident today, I found it. It’s known as the Gomberg Map and it’s popular with NWO nuts. It was created by a private American citizen in 1942, and very little is known about it otherwise. It is very visually striking, and Gomberg had a penchant for lumping countries together and calling them the United States of This, and the Union of Those Republics. Apparently nothing on the map was altered, just cropped; because it still shows the “Union of Sovi–” et cetera. More information and large scans:

At Wikipedia.

At the Big Map Blog.

An Encyclopedia of Weta’s Sci-Fi Symbols, Logos & Graphics

In my spare time lately, I’ve been organizing my vector artwork from Weta’s sci-fi films. This includes District 9, Avatar, Elysium, The Amazing Spiderman 2, and Chappie.

Once the organizing was finished, I started double-checking the graphics I’d created. Everything was drawn by hand in Adobe Illustrator (usually because no artwork clean enough for autotrace existed, and rather than tweaking the autotrace settings and then cleaning up the result anyway, it afforded more control to simply re-draw from scratch). Whenever possible, fonts used in logos were matched. The team at Weta betrays a surprising fondness for such pedestrian fonts as Arial, though I suppose it’s fair to say that industrial labels are pretty utilitarian and generally free of ‘imaginative’ fonts. What fonts I did not own or chose not to purchase were redrawn manually.

Screencaps, ex post facto prop auction pictures, pre-production art and ‘making of’ books were inspected meticulously, and I was surprised to discover things I had missed the first time around. It was also interesting (to me) to discover graphics being tweaked and used again in other films.

Here is a snapshot of my Weta symbols library as of April 11, 2015. It numbers 147 symbols. I should note there are several symbols that are similar or are variations of the same parts; like the 5 RDA logos from Avatar or the 6 GKR symbols from Elysium.

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Recurring Themes in the Films of Neill Blomkamp

Because I have no idea how to create a table in here, here is a PDF of my attempt to discern recurring themes in the movies of Neill Blomkamp. Please see the footnotes for additional information.

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Elysium: Upgraded AK & Exosuits Photo

A new photo of Matt Damon’s modified AK-47 has been released. While not higher resolution than the trailer screencaps, it does give us a slightly different angle.

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