Circa 1910-1930 Shipping Lines’ Flags & Funnels

I’m working on something which necessitated some research into period steamship companies. I thought these images might be useful to someone else as well. This is a very random sample:

The old Lloyd’s book has an enormous number of flags as well:

Lloyd’s Book of House Flags and Funnels, 1912

Ceres Station Seal Shirts

I think I’ve finally got a good replica of the ‘seal’ of Ceres Station. It has some asymmetrical idiosyncrasies that were difficult to nail down with the reference material available.


Available in 3 versions at TeePublic.

The Hunt for Red October: Soviet Ambassador’s Lapel Pin

The Soviet Ambassador Lysenko (excellently played by Joss Ackland) is wearing a red, flag-shaped lapel pin. The President’s National Security Advisor Mr. Pelt (also excellently portrayed by Richard Jordan) is likewise wearing a US flag lapel pin.

However, the ambassador’s pin is not a simple Soviet Union national flag. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be emblazoned with the text “ВЕРХОВНЫЙ СОВЕТ СССР,” “Supreme Soviet of the USSR.” This was the most powerful legislative body in the Soviet Union.


Similar (almost certainly replica) pins can be found for about $15 on Ali Baba, or for ludicrously high prices on eBay.

For Sale: Alien: Men’s UK7 Union Jack Symbol Dark Shirts

Designed by Ron Cobb in 1978, vectorized by me in 2015 with mathematical precision. Now available on light and dark tees. May I suggest the ‘dark royal?’ Note that the blues are close, but not an exact match… Perhaps black, then?