The Expanse: Star Helix Uniform Belt Gear

This Star Helix uniformed officer can be seen when Miller is thrown out of Star Helix HQ on Ceres.

The Expanse - Season 1

Besides a collapsible baton, a pair of handcuffs and a Star Helix pistol & holster, he is also carrying a FoxFury “Scout Tasker Fire” or “Scout Tasker Safety” flashlight.

The Expanse: Eros Civilians

This belter has at least three patches on his suit:

  • Centauri, identical to Amos’s patch
  • Narcissus, similar to Amos’s but with a flat bottom, possibly larger
  • Eros, a tall, hard-to-read patch

Additionally, he is carrying two flashlights: the FoxFury “Scout Tasker” (Fire or Safety model, unclear which), and the FoxFury Breakthrough BT2 in yellow.

Wikipedia tells me the adjectival form of Eros is “Erotian.”