The Hunt for Red October: Jack Ryan’s “Proceedings” Magazine

Also inside Ryan’s briefcase, we can see what appears to be a journal or magazine of some sort, titled “Proceedings” with a photo of a submarine on the cover:

shot0002 retouched

This is a real magazine. It is the Proceedings of the US Naval Institute, October 1987 issue:

Proceedings Magazione October 1987

And if the US Naval Institute sounds familiar to you, maybe you’ve heard of another of their publications…

The Hunt for Red October: Ryan’s Tactics Book Replica

As seen in Ryan’s briefcase while he’s packing in the opening credits:

shot0002 retouched

“I’m not an agent, I just write books for the CIA.”

Identified the fonts, set the type, estimated the size of the book from a scan, and recreated the wonky graphic of the hammer & sickle. Find a donor book, about 256 pages thick, about 6.25 x 9.25 inches, or make a dummy. Trim along the trim lines, or leave the left side untrimmed to wrap around the spine and back. Print on glossy or semi-gloss white or very light tan heavy paper.

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 12.15.16 PM

Tactics Cover Replica

“I know this book…”

Red October: Ryan’s Soviet Tactics Book

Seen very briefly inside Jack Ryan’s briefcase as he is packing in the opening credits is this small paperback book titled “Tactics” and subtitled “A Soviet View.”

shot0002 retouched

This is a real book, and was edited by V. G. Reznichenko, published in Moscow in 1984 (as “Taktika”), and translated and republished by the USAF in 1987 (printed by the GPO?), apparently with the approval of the Soviet Union.

This was apparently intended for officers of the Soviet Army and military academy students.

Ironically, since this was printed in 1987, Ryan couldn’t have had a copy in 1984.

The Hunt for Red October: Typhoon Spy Photo Identified

When Jack Ryan is briefing the Joint Chiefs and the President’s National Security Advisor, one of the photos projected on the screens behind him is an angled, rear view of a Typhoon-class sub, allegedly the Red October.


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The Hunt for Red October: Simple Desktop Backgrounds

Thanks to the IMDb, we now know that THFRO horribly botched the Russian / Cyrillic in their opening titles. I don’t know how that happened, and why it has not been corrected in subsequent DVD / Blu-Ray releases. Anyway, I present to you the ballistic missile submarine Red October a couple of simple desktop backgrounds, of the English title, and the correct Russian.

I was surprised to note that the text for “Red October” is set in different weights for the English vs. Cyrillic. Seems like extra trouble to me. Couldn’t ID the font at WhatTheFont, might have been hand-drawn.