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Blade Runner-Inspired MetroKab Cards For Sale

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Inspired by Blade Runner, and designed by me, these fan-made, non-canon ‘wallet stuffers’ are now available on eBay and the RPF:


I have endeavoured to capture not only the style of the 1982 sci-fi film, but also somewhat maintain the technical limitations of the period (to a certain degree). My card has a very simple, limited palette of colors, no holograms, no embossed text, no full-color graphics, no QR codes, etc. My card is four-color process printed on a thin, flexible plastic stock; thinner and softer than a credit card, but more durable than paper cardstock.

MetroKab Card eBay Listing

And also available in the Project Runs section of the RPF’s junkyard, for members, wherein I will offer certain, limited international shipping.

Desho, Desho? Shirts, etc.

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Desho, Desho? at TeePublic

Desho? Shirts at Zazzle

Teq Vintage Sign Shirts

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Yes, I know it doesn’t really say “teq,” but that’s a handy way to refer to that logo. This is based on a photo of a real sign, which was recreated in Illustrator, and then ‘distressed’ in Photoshop. Looks best on the heather shirts, I think:

“Teq Genuine Parts” Shirts at TeePublic

Art sample:


Happy, Happy, Magical Shirts!

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Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 7.22.46 PM

Art inspired by the title treatment for the Japanese version of MLP:FIM, with text from the lyrics from the second opening song.

“Here we go: Happy, Happy, Magical!”

“Iku yo: hapi, hapi majikaru…”

Patlabor: AV-98 Ingram “Promo” Shirts

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I thought this might be amusing: mock promotional shirts for the Shinohara Heavy Industries AV-98 Ingram patrol labor. Note that the font is the same as the Patlabor title card, and at the same unusually severe angle. Available in white-on-black and black-on-white. I also threw in some blues, because that seems to be Shinohara’s corporate colors.


This shirt is fiction, but in ten years, who knows?

‘Sparkle’ Stickers at Zazzle

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Stickers with the text of a certain fictional Japanese dish detergent should be available at Zazzle now:


From left to right, they are: small rectangular stickers, oval stickers, and full-size bumper stickers.

Patlabor: Shinohara Heavy Industry Shirt

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Recreated this logo from one of the boot-up screens in one of the Patlabor movies. Now for sale at TeePublic:

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.52.02 PM

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