Blade Runner-Inspired MetroKab Cards For Sale

Inspired by Blade Runner, and designed by me, these fan-made, non-canon ‘wallet stuffers’ are now available on eBay and the RPF:


I have endeavoured to capture not only the style of the 1982 sci-fi film, but also somewhat maintain the technical limitations of the period (to a certain degree). My card has a very simple, limited palette of colors, no holograms, no embossed text, no full-color graphics, no QR codes, etc. My card is four-color process printed on a thin, flexible plastic stock; thinner and softer than a credit card, but more durable than paper cardstock.

MetroKab Card eBay Listing

And also available in the Project Runs section of the RPF’s junkyard, for members, wherein I will offer certain, limited international shipping.

Teq Vintage Sign Shirts

Yes, I know it doesn’t really say “teq,” but that’s a handy way to refer to that logo. This is based on a photo of a real sign, which was recreated in Illustrator, and then ‘distressed’ in Photoshop. Looks best on the heather shirts, I think:

“Teq Genuine Parts” Shirts at TeePublic

Art sample:


Patlabor: AV-98 Ingram “Promo” Shirts

I thought this might be amusing: mock promotional shirts for the Shinohara Heavy Industries AV-98 Ingram patrol labor. Note that the font is the same as the Patlabor title card, and at the same unusually severe angle. Available in white-on-black and black-on-white. I also threw in some blues, because that seems to be Shinohara’s corporate colors.


This shirt is fiction, but in ten years, who knows?

‘Sparkle’ Stickers at Zazzle

Stickers with the text of a certain fictional Japanese dish detergent should be available at Zazzle now:


From left to right, they are: small rectangular stickers, oval stickers, and full-size bumper stickers.

Mister Sparkle Shirts!

“I’m disrespectful to dirt! Can you see that I am serious? Get out of my way, all of you. This is no place for loafers. Join me or die – can you do any less? For lucky best wash, use Mr. Sparkle!”


Got some decent screencaps of the box and went to work. After careful consideration, I recommend:

  1. The pink shirt if at all possible,
  2. Light blue if not,
  3. Gray,
  4. Red,
  5. Blue

In that order. Other colors clash nastily, and/or have poor contrast with the colors of the art. Even as is, the “Misuta Supakoru” (blue) text is hard to read on the darker shirts.

The nitty, gritty, dirt band graphic details:

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Shirts Added to TeePublic, Still on Sale!

You have 6.5 hours of $14 tees left. I have added approximately two dozen shirts to my TeePublic store:


Many of these are brand new to anywhere, so please take a look.