The Expanse: Detective Miller

While there are still a few minutes left on the East Coast, today is Thomas Jane’s birthday! Six promo stills & screencaps below:

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The Expanse: BeltTrans & Tech Noir Shirts

Two more new-ish shirt designs:

BeltTrans is the operator of the ship that Miller takes to Eros. Tech Noir is the name of the shady store where Miller goes looking for the ‘sherpa.’ These are both based on screen caps. The BeltTrans is a combination of the logo(?) seen on walls inside and the wordmark seen on the exterior of the ship.


Tech Noir

The Expanse: Terminals, part 2

More screencaps of terminals and things like terminals, after the jump. Contains spoilers up to and including episode 8 of season 1.

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The Expanse: New Shirts!

Four new shirt designs up on TeePublic:


One for the Canterbury herself, one for P&K in general, one for Cere Beer, and one of Amos Burton’s jumpsuit patches (Centauri).

In the interests of full disclosure, I must state that I did take some artistic and poetic license in recreating the Cere Beer label; my source screencaps, though HD, are still small and grainy. The Ceres circular logo and “CERE BEER” are quite accurate, but I did have to make-up the subtler details necessary to finish the design. LMK if the novels give any hard dates for the colonization of Ceres, etc.

The Expanse: Joe Miller’s Star Helix Pistol

In Episode 3, Joe Miller (Thomas Jane) pulls his pistol on a guy:


It appears to be substantially similar to Amos Burton’s pistol.

At the previous SDCC, prop weapons from The Expanse were on display. Here are two photos of a Star Helix pistol, possibly Miller’s:

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