Patlabor: Kanuka Clancy’s NYPD Uniform

I thought I’d stick to the subjects for which reference material is harder to find, hence, this one.

As you can see, she wears at least two different uniforms over the course of the series and the movies.

NYPD Patlabor Shirts

Taking a little creative license with this one. These are inspired by the circa 1989-90 NYPD patrol cars. I couldn’t think of what Americans might call a labor (aside from ‘giant police robot’ or something), so I stuck with the Japanese name; it might plausibly be a loanword, though it’s actually an English loanword / portmanteau. It’s come full circle!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 7.53.05 PM

The text says: “Special Vehicles, Patlabor Squad, Officer Exchange Program.”

Available here: Law Enforcement Giant Robots!