Kings: Gilboan Laurel Banknotes

In 2009, NBC aired a 13 episode TV miniseries called “Kings,” a modernized retelling of the biblical story of King David and King Saul. Starring as King Saul was Ian McShane. In a rather roundabout way, I took a look at my Kings reference materials yesterday, and took some new screencaps of the briefly-glimpsed banknotes of the fictional Royal Kingdom of Gilboa:

These are from episode 10. Incredibly, NBC is still streaming a low-res HD version of Kings on their website here: Kings at

Regrettably, the above reference material is quite poor, and does not match up to a Gilboan Laurel note posted by one of the series’ artists online. If you recall seeing any paper currency in other episodes, please let me know, and I’ll try to get more screencaps.