For Sale: Market-branded Playing Cards (Budget)

For the card-playing prole in your life, I present these Market-branded budget playing cards:


I threw a little tasteful light gray on there for a background, and also to suggest those silver spandex jumpsuits the Gene Jox were wearing. It looked a little too plain with just white. Though I can easily make that if you would prefer it.

For Sale: Men’s “Market” Shirt

Now you can look like a hero of the Market, just like Achilles! Well, sort of. This is a men’s budget white tee, with the Market symbol on the front, and the Market’s octagon patch printed on the yoke.

Show that Confed who’s boss!

Robot Jox Replica Graphics Update: August 7, 2015

Got my Adobe CC libraries working again, and started adding graphics to them. Also managed to replicate the “Robot Jox” poster title treatment, which I prefer to the less distinctive title treatment used in the film itself.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 6.30.21 PM

Robot Jox: Achilles: 50 Market Shares Replica

Before Achilles’ first (tenth) fight, we see two proles (that’s how they’re credited in the credits) talking about the match, and one purchases (with a credit card?) ‘fifty shares’ of … something?

With special guest star Jeffrey Combs as the adult prole on the left.
With special guest star Jeffrey Combs as the adult prole on the left.
Out comes the credit card? Which I can’t get a very good picture of.
50 Market Shares
“50 Market Shares,” whatever that means.

I’m not sure how big these are, they seem like an odd size or odd proportions. I don’t know if that’s because they were shooting in Italy (metric paper sizes?) or what. Anyway, here they are below: Fifty Market Shares Replica.pdf