The Expanse: Martian Power Armor

Not to be confused with the Martian space suits we’ve already seen, this is the cool new stuff we’ll be seeing in the next season:

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The Expanse: Replica Graphics Inventory


Up to 59 as of today. I should do the Ceres Air-Water-Power logo. The most recent additions are the ‘name tags’ on Amos & Naomi’s jumpsuits.

The Expanse: Ten New Shirts!

Recreated many of the logos & wordmarks & symbols seen in the final two episodes, and uploaded them to TeePublic:


Scopuli wordmark as seen on the back of Juli’s jumpsuit, Eros logos, CPM logos, Tachi text, ProtoGen logo, etc. All set to the ‘sale’ prices for the next 70 hours.

The Expanse: MCRN Pistols, part 2

More screencaps, from episodes 7 + 8. These have all been retouched, lightened, sharpened, etc, to show details, and should not be used for color-matching. 20 or so images after the jump:

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The Expanse: Martian Pistol

The MCRN carry pistols, described thusly by signage at SDCC:

Designed to fire both self-propelled rounds and traditional cartridge rounds, the rear of the barrel is vented at the back to eliminate recoil for use in zero-g situations.

Retouched screencaps through Episode 6, Rock Bottom, and the ID of the base gun, after the jump:

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The Expanse: Lopez’s Memory Chip

In Rock Bottom, we see Johnson take a chip from inside Lopez’s space suit:

The top image is cropped, rotated and color-corrected to the best of my ability. The bottom image is the original, unretouched screencap.