Romeo + Juliet: Mercutio’s “Dagger 9mm” Pistol

Mercutio carries a skeletonized “Dagger 9mm” pistol, actually a Taurus:

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Montague + Capulet Magazine Floor Plates

The Montague and Capulet boys have ornately engraved and painted magazine floor plates on their pistols:

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Verona Beach License Plates

Note that there are four different kinds of plates:


Mercutio: White vinyl letters on a flat black plate. Appears to be a condensed Helvetica-style font. No border. Full width text. No frame.

CAP 005

Tybalt: White vinyl letters on an embossed black plate. Ultra-condensed bold font, possibly Helvetica. Text split into two groups of three letters. Fancy frame. Romeo and Benvolio also have plates like this.


Old Man Montague: White vinyl letters on an embossed black plate. Ultra-condensed font, possibly Helvetica, slightly less bold than Tybalt’s. Full width text. Fancy frame.

DAE 800 Screencap

Civilian Background Cars: White painted letters on an embossed black plate. Rounded, narrow font. Text split into two groups of three letters. No frame, but a white vinyl pinstripe border.

Capulet Invitation

Mercutio receives these invitations to the costume party:

Note that the first image shows the back(?), and the second the front(?), or something to that effect. Other shots in this same scene show blank invitations with no guest name.