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Lucky Dragon, Delta-V and Metropolis

More shirt designs:


Tweaked my Lucky Dragon logo for the millionth time, and came up with a symmetrical Delta-V design for all you physics majors / rocket scientists. And added a combination of elements from Metropolis.

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For Sale: Metropolis “UTAMOH” Shirts And Others!

These are both based on ads / signage adorning the giant city miniature:

I recommend gray shirts for these. There is also a light shirt with UTAMOH in black, and a UTAMOH sticker. Also a “R” banner in red and white.

For Sale: Graphics from Metropolis (1927)!

I’m a big fan of Metropolis. If you are, too, maybe you’d like to look over my offerings:


I’m especially fond of this one:


It’s an arrangement of some of the elements found on the banknotes.

Anyway, there are pins and stickers and shirts out the wazoo, and even a shirt for ladies! Of course, you know you can ask me to make a ladies’ shirt with any of the pieces of art you see there. It’s just that the ladies’ shirts have fewer colors and are more expensive than the men’s.  :(