Kings: Gilboan Laurel Banknotes

In 2009, NBC aired a 13 episode TV miniseries called “Kings,” a modernized retelling of the biblical story of King David and King Saul. Starring as King Saul was Ian McShane. In a rather roundabout way, I took a look at my Kings reference materials yesterday, and took some new screencaps of the briefly-glimpsed banknotes of the fictional Royal Kingdom of Gilboa:

These are from episode 10. Incredibly, NBC is still streaming a low-res HD version of Kings on their website here: Kings at

Regrettably, the above reference material is quite poor, and does not match up to a Gilboan Laurel note posted by one of the series’ artists online. If you recall seeing any paper currency in other episodes, please let me know, and I’ll try to get more screencaps.

Alien: Resurrection: Money

Retouched HD screencaps:

$1,000 x 100 bills in a bundle x 4 bundles per stack x 6 stacks = $2.4 million dollars.

SD DVD bonus feature screencaps:

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V for Vendetta: the Money

Seen only in a handful of frames are two different banknotes, a ten pound and a twenty pound note:

They are ‘issued’ by the National Norsefire Bank, and ‘signed’ by the film’s graphic designer.

Happy Birthday Raul Julia!


March 9 is the birthday of the late, great Raul Julia – perhaps most famous as Gomez Addams in the 1990’s Addams Family movies. Also well known as M. Bison in the Street Fighter movie, and Aram Fingal in Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, which is both terribly bad and yet eerily foreshadows The Matrix in certain respects. Vaya con dios, amigo.

Bison Dollars

Dinotopia: The Books: The Props

I forget how or why, but I thought of Dinotopia last night, and I’d like to present some of the illustrations of props and set dressing that appear in the books:


Compare the amulet above with the real, Egyptian amulets below, also illustrated by James Gurney:

Amulet Scarabs by JG.jpg

Many more illustrations below the jump:

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The Expanse: Ceres Coins

Not sure what the adjectival form of Ceres is – Cerean? Cereal? (Cererian, thank you Wikipedia).

Thomas Jane receives a bribe in the form of a few coins in episode 1.

Ceres Coins

Appear to be the same size and design, differing only in color. White, yellow, blue, green? Is that the symbol for Ceres in the center? It’s on the beer(?) label, too.