Alien Universe Replica Graphics Update

Alien Universe Replica Graphics.jpg

The recent work on the Conestoga-class patch brings my total to 53 canon and non-canon graphics.

For Sale: New Alien Universe Stuff!

These three products should be safe to order:


A new, EU-colors Korzeniowski sticker and luggage tag, and a Alien-inspired tee shirt with a little joke, ha ha:


Get it? Because the company was going to sacrifice the crew… It’s not funny if I have to explain it to you…

For Sale: Alien “What’s the Story Mother?” Shirt

Interface 2037 ready for inquiry.

This is as close to what was seen on screen as I could get.

LMK if you’d like the “Interface” line on a shirt. Or both of them together?


Alien Universe Replica Graphics Update: August 7, 2015

Got some more work done on these today. Finished my apocryphal tax stamp. Replicated a Sevastopol patch. Replicated an unused graphic by Moebius. Finished the MU-TH-UR circuit pattern last night. Added the “Weylan-Yutani” stacked wordmark from the beer can. Made my own horizontal version of same. Did some guess work and tests on ‘populating’ my Balaji box with text. By which I mean: what does this look like? Looks like a long word and a short word. What could that be? Does XYZ fit here? Does that look like caps and lowercase or caps and small caps? What would a cigarette pack likely say here? What should be on it? UPC code? If so, where? What sides do we not see in the film? Etc, etc… Also tweaked my Nostromo boot-up screen to look more like low-res video. Added noise, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 6.21.57 PM