Ono-Sendai: Shirts & Such

As part of my JM Hawaiian shirt project, I went through the process of designing a new logo, from scratch, for William Gibson’s fictional Ono-Sendai corporation.

In the 1977 short story “Fragments of a Hologram Rose,” Sendai (sic) manufactures a simstim deck.

In the 1981 “Johnny Mnemonic” short story, Ono-Sendai is a Japanese (and multinational) manufacturer of ‘diamond analogs,’ which I assume are synthetic diamond substances. Coincidentally, there is a Japanese company (Morikawa) keen to acquire the rare blue diamonds in the 1980 Michael Crichton novel “Congo:”

“We are looking for Type II-b boron-coated blue diamonds,” Karen Ross said, “which have semi-conducting properties important to microelectronics applications.”

Crichton says that the blue diamonds are valuable as semiconductor materials (CPUs) and that they may also be used in fiber-optics and light-based / optical / photonic computing.

In Gibson’s 1984 novel “Neuromancer,” Ono-Sendai is a manufacturer of top-of-the-line cyberspace decks as well.

Back to the matter at hand: I’ve made this one-color logotype, incorporating diamond shapes, which seemed fitting:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 11.50.55 PM

I’m pleased to see that the orange version works on a good range of dark & medium neutral and cool colors. I’m using the same text treatment for my Hawaiian shirt, but arranged differently. This ‘square’ arrangement was designed to mimic old Asian stamped name seals. I had originally intended the logo to be a cyan-like blue, but I wanted to differentiate it from my Maas-Neotek logo. Like no two companies in the world both have blue logos.

Shirts, hoodies, sweaters, prints & phone cases available at TeePublic:

Ono-Sendai: Manufacturers of fine Carbon allotropes for Industry and Commerce