V for Vendetta: the Money

Seen only in a handful of frames are two different banknotes, a ten pound and a twenty pound note:

They are ‘issued’ by the National Norsefire Bank, and ‘signed’ by the film’s graphic designer.

When Does V for Vendetta Take Place?

According to computer displays in the film, no earlier than November of 2024:


Additionally, Evey’s BTN ID is marked as expiring on 12/24. If this is not December 24th, but December of 2024, then V must take place in November of 2025, which would put it at just over 20 years after the release of the film.

V for Vendetta: Fingerman Badge Re-Visited

V for Vendetta – Xth Anniversary – MMV-MMXV

Since V had it’s world premiere in December of 2005, but wide release in 2006, I’m going to seize the opportunity to make some apropos posts.

First up: we revisit the Fingermen Badge. Subtle, yet menacing, and a lovely piece of craftsmanship. Note that this badge is totally different from the regular police badges.

Newly prepared HD screencap below the jump!

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