Dinotopia: The Books: The Photographs

In the books, there are a couple photographs of the Denisons which apparently survived the shipwreck and were placed in the ‘journals’ of Arthur Denison. Here’s one, in it’s ‘current’ condition:


I have taken the liberty of ‘restoring’ this image to (closer to) it’s ‘original’ condition. Ideally, you print this out at your local photo place, paste it on to an appropriate piece of cardstock or a salvaged, real, period photo card, and then age / weather / distress / discolor / stain to suit:

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Eastman Kodak Target Brownie Six-16

Eastman Kodak Target Brownie Six-16

Ain’t she a beaut?

Still a very simple camera, despite shutter speed and aperture controls and twin viewfinders. The body of the camera is thin wood or stiff paperboard painted black on the interior and covered with black leatherette on the exterior. This faceplate is connected to the internal frame & mechanics, and all of that can be simply pulled out of the ‘box’ body for easy film loading.

Brownie Hawkeye Label

Kodak Film Label

This is a one-color print in silver ink, stamped on the inside of the case of an Eastman-Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash camera. It tells the user the camera model and what film to use.

I particularly like the various eye-pleasing fonts and relatively clean layout. Tasteful hints of Art Deco.

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Kodak Envelope

Don't Forget Kodak

“Don’t forget Kodak Verichrome Pan film – one’s never enough!”

This is the back side of an envelope like one would receive prints or negatives in. Can’t remember how this came into my possession. The art & typography seem to place this in the fifties or sixties.