Tybalt’s Rapier 9mm

Tybalt Capulet, Prince of Cats, carries two twin Rapier 9mm pistols. These are actually modified Taurus PT-99 or PT-101 pistols.


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Romeo + Juliet: Tybalt’s Pistol

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This frame is from just after Romeo has killed Tybalt with his own gun. He then drops the pistol on the ground. From this image, we can see two holes on either side of the disassembly latch – meaning, this is Tybalt’s C-More sight pistol. The quick mounting ‘bar’ has been removed, leaving only the two screw holes behind. Also clearly visible are the markings on the slide, “Rapier 9mm.” This image has been substantially enhanced for clarity & visibility, and the color balance may be off as a result.

Tybalt's Pistol

Romeo + Juliet: Tybalt’s Gun

This post has been superseded by a new Tybalt Rapier post here.

This is a side view of one of Tybalt’s Rapier 9mm pistols. Note that this pistol is fitted with the quick-mount for the C-More sight: a short bar positioned over the disassembly latch and secured with two screws. Note also the chipped magazine baseplate. This will reappear frequently. This screen capture has been enhanced for clarity and detail.

Side View

Romeo + Juliet: Tybalt’s Rapier 9mm

This post has been superseded by a new Tybalt Rapier post.

Tybalt carries a pair of nearly identical silver-framed, gold accented Rapier 9mm pistols. Both have extended barrels and customized grips. Both have adjustable rear sights and fixed front iron sights. One Rapier is fitted for a quick-mounting C-More Railway scope.

One of Tybalt's Pistols