The Haunter of the Dark: a Partial Chronology

Pieced together by me, based on the text of the story.

Here be Spoilers:

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The Case of Charles Dexter Ward: Early Providence

The NYC Public Library has put online an enormous amount of digitalized images from their collections. Poking around and looking for pictures of Providence, I stumbled across the following two:

Destruction of His Majesty’s Schooner Gaspee, Near Providence, RI, in 1772.

If you recall, Captain Whipple, who led the raid on Curwen’s farm, later led the attack on the Gaspee. HPL also says that many of the men who took part in the raid on the farm would also fight in the Revolution. It’s worth mentioning that Captain Whipple was a real person.

Providence 1828?
View of the North Side of the City of Providence.

The above is from a book of engravings called “Scenic Route of the Hudson River and the Lateral Parts of North America,” published in Paris in 1828.