Alien (1979): Ripley’s White Spacesuit

A small collection of pics gathered from around the web:

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Alien (1979): Nostromo Crew Shoes

Screencaps & discussion of the Nostromo crew’s ‘indoor’ shoes, not the EVA suit boots. Please click through the jump below:

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Aliens: “Marking Flares” Wallets

Based on this screencap, when Ripley’s getting ready to go into the atmosphere processor to rescue Newt:

Marking Flares 0

I re-created the lettering and created this customized nylon wallet:

Digital composite by Zazzle

Reasonably close, I think, within the confines of Zazzle’s offerings. This is not an exact replica. Perhaps suitable for the more polite occasions when your Pulp Fiction “BAD M.F.ER” wallet would not be appropriate. Probably not a good idea to take it through security, though.

Marking Flares Wallet at Zazzle!

Aliens: Powerloader

“Well, I can drive that loader… I have a class 2 rating…”

A few slightly less common pics of the Caterpillar Powerloader:

My own ‘beauty shot,’ made by combining multiple frames in Photoshop, to reduce grain and compression artifacts:

PWL Stack 1

And a handful of random detail shots:

And a shot of the miniature:


“Where do you want it?”


Aliens: Ripley’s Wristwatch

Ripley wears a distinctive Seiko chronograph:

Originally released in 1983, this model has recently been re-released in a limited edition, with a retail price of approximately $300 US:

Re-release image:


Aliens: Ripley’s Reeboks

Called ‘Alien Stompers’ by Reebok, these were made as hi-tops (Ripley) and low-tops (Bishop) for the film, and mass-produced as low-tops as a tie-in in 1986. They were recently mass-produced in extremely limited numbers in 2016 in both versions to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the film.

Retouched screencaps below the jump:

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Alien Day Stuff

Not on sale, but still for sale, many silly shirts:

Aspen Beer Red Logo

Aspen Beer White Logo

Balaji Imperial Pack Art

CM88B Bison Promo


Narcissus E1 Shirt

Nostromo Boot Screen

I’m Ready for Ripley