Robot Jox: Confed Shirts

Uploaded my Confed art to TeePublic, so now you have your choice of Confederation logos, for as low as $14 for the next 70 hours:


Zazzle Sale on White Shirts!

There is a 33% off white t-shirts sale at Zazzle.

Use the secret code “LABORDAYTEES.”

Here are all my white shirts, I think.

For Sale: Hypothetical Confed “Service Crew” Shirts!

I thought it might be fun if the Confeds had color-coordinated t-shirts for their mechanics.


Oh, yes, they say “Service Crew” in Russian. Sluzhba Ehkipazh.

Robot Jox: The Novelization

I picked up the novelization of Robot Jox on impulse, to see if I could glean any more information from it, in the absence of a shooting script.

It was written by Robert Thurston, based on a screenplay by Joe Haldeman & Dennis Paoli.

Right off the bat, it gives us some interesting details: Christmas has been suppressed, WWIII was 100 years ago, etc, etc.

The characterization of Alexander is different, and does not reflect Paul Koslo.

Which makes me wonder how early a draft of the screenplay this was. I’d like to be able to find some distinctive traces of Haldeman in here, but I’m not that familiar with his work, having only read The Forever War some years ago.

I’ll let you know what other interesting nuggets I find :)

Sale: 30% Off Mugs at Zazzle!

There is a 30% off sale on mugs at Zazzle this weekend only! A $17 mug would now be $12. Pretty significant savings.

And I have many attractive mugs for sale :)

Including some new ones I made just today! Confed logos, Maas-Neotek logos, Balaji logos, Red Star Lines logos, EU patch mugs, etc!

If you don’t see any of the above mugs, Zazzle may not have updated yet. Try these links:

Balaji Wordmark Mug

Balaji Package Art Mug

Farside Lunar Mining Patch Mug

Red Star Lines Mug

EU Patch Mug

Confed Combo Mark Mug

BR Blimp Mug

Maas-Neotek Mug

HPL 125 Logo Mug

The above mugs are all new products. Other mugs are available as well.

And the secret code for 30% off mugs is: LOVEOURZMUGS