Periodic Table of the Elements of Harmony

Sure, we all know the classical ‘mane’ six elements, but what about the oft overlooked element of Assistance? Or Radicalness? Or Fabulosity? This handy reference shirt contains all 25 known Elements, organized in the tabular format devised by Dimitri Meadowleev. Please do not use these shirts to cheat on your exams.

Periodic Table of the Elements of Harmony

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Science and Life

Science and Life

“Art Deco – very nice.” -Egon Spengler, Ghostbusters.

Decent cover design. Filled with some nice retro spot illustrations, which I may scan & post at some future date.

Science and Life – Books Five & Six. Frank M. Wheat, Chairman Biological Science, George Washington High School, Newy York City and Frank Reh, Principal Sumner Junior High School, New York City. Copyright 1939 by American Book Company. Made in U.S.A.