Shirts Added to TeePublic, Still on Sale!

You have 6.5 hours of $14 tees left. I have added approximately two dozen shirts to my TeePublic store:


Many of these are brand new to anywhere, so please take a look.

SF Cargo is Dead – Long Live SF Cargo!

Now (or as soon as the preview composites are automatically generated) available at TeePublic:

LMK if you guys want a green logo on a white shirt, or something to that effect.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 6.43.58 PM

White Dragon Coasters DEAD! SF Cargo DEAD!

Zazzle has (again) yanked my products. I freely admit that the WD coasters contain IP owned by The Blade Runner Partnership.

However, I CANNOT IMAGINE who could possible have a claim on my SF Cargo logo. Does someone own the color green? Or the Korean language? Or the words “Science Fiction?” Or the word “Cargo?” This, despite being deeply, deeply hurtful, may at least be interesting…

For Sale: New Firefly Fan Silliness: SF Cargo

I present to you the ballistic missile submarine Red October my original creation: the SF Cargo company!

SF Cargo Greenai

What, did you think there was only one shipping company in the Verse?

Look carefully, and you will notice many subtle jabs at TG Freight, who, I believe are entirely too chummy with the HATED ALLIANCE. And some silly jokes. I propose that a few Independent pilots, using war surplus craft, created SF Cargo to earn a living after the war. I am drawing a deliberate parallel with Flying Tiger Line.

Here are the current products for sale:


I’m not terribly fond of the horizontal logo, but if you needed a rectangular sticker rather than a square one, here it is.