Romeo + Juliet: Venom’d Vengeance Shirts

This text treatment is seen on some broadside ads in Verona Beach:

The phrase is a quote from Troilus and Cressida:

“For the love of all the gods,
Let’s leave the hermit pity with our mothers,
And when we have our armours buckled on,
The venom’d vengeance ride upon our swords,
Spur them to ruthful work, rein them from ruth.”

I have replicated the single phrase here:

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 6.36.02 PM

If you’d prefer the extra text (Jack Cade & the date), just ask.

Available at my TeePublic store.

Cyber Monday Sale at TeePublic

TeePublic’s $14 shirt sale continues today, and I’ve added a few new designs in the past few days:


For Sale: Super Shakespeare Shirt! (MacBeth)

Trying something a little more … regicidal than usual …

And, if you can’t read the small text, it says: “The Scottish Place” and “We’ll get that damned spot out or die trying!”


Zazzle! Zazzle zazzle zazzle! Also available on mugs & square pins. And in ladies’ shirts, too, for all the Lady MacBeth fans out there.