Alien (1979): Nostromo Crew Shoes

Screencaps & discussion of the Nostromo crew’s ‘indoor’ shoes, not the EVA suit boots. Please click through the jump below:

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Back to the Future (1985): Marty McFly’s Nike Sneakers

Marty wears a beat-up pair of Nike Bruins:

“No, you and Jennifer turn out fine. It’s your kicks – something’s gotta be done about your kicks!”

Aliens: Bishop’s Sneakers

These are a variation of the Reeboks that Ripley wears. Bishop’s are low-tops, and also have what appears to be reflective tape accents on the wide strap and the back of the heel.

The above shots have been lightened, sharpened, color-corrected, etc.

Aliens: Ripley’s Reeboks

Called ‘Alien Stompers’ by Reebok, these were made as hi-tops (Ripley) and low-tops (Bishop) for the film, and mass-produced as low-tops as a tie-in in 1986. They were recently mass-produced in extremely limited numbers in 2016 in both versions to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the film.

Retouched screencaps below the jump:

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