The Expanse: “Remember the Cant” Shirt

Based on graffiti seen inside one of the ‘subway’ cars.

Note that the actual graffiti is misspelled; on purpose, I hope.

Here’s my replica (spelled correctly):

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 6.50.21 PM

It doesn’t show up super well in the comp, but the art is ‘distressed’ to look rough or perhaps crudely painted on. Available you-know-where.

The Expanse: Flashlights

The Canterbury’s spacesuits have flat, rectangular flashlights mounted to their forearms:

These are Sidewinder flashlights made by Streamlight.

The wrist mounts appear to be custom.

The Expanse: Star Helix Long Guns

In Episode 1, when the crew from the Canterbury investigate the Scopuli, they take with them at least one long gun:

The SDCC display showed a gun like this, and the signage called it a Star Helix Long Gun. It’s possible the Canterbury rifles and the Star Helix rifles are subtly different, but the screencaps as yet are not sufficient to show this.

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