The Martian & Zulu Shirts

Just uploaded three new shirts to TeePublic: Two mission patches from the Matt Damon hard sci-fi thriller The Martian, and one jokey one inspired by the song Men of Harlech / the film Zulu:


Most importantly of all: these three, and only these three, are on sale because they’re new, at the usual sale price of $14 each, versus the regular price of $20 each. For three days only.

The Martian: More Mars Suit Images

Mostly high-res press stills.

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The Martian: More Middling Photos

Found this online. Heavily retouched, because the original was dark and poorly color-balanced.


And this:


And this:

The Martian- Ares 3 Mission Guide-page-007 The Martian- Ares 3 Mission Guide-page-003

Had to heavily retouch all of these, because they looked like shit originally. White balance, exposure, etc. I can only assume this is intentional, though I cannot for the life of me imagine why.

The Martian: Watney’s Wrist Computer / Suit Computer / Arm Computer / Thingy

Screencaps & such below the jump. Who’s going to be the first to make a phone case based on this?

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