Zazzle Sale on White Shirts!

There is a 33% off white t-shirts sale at Zazzle.

Use the secret code “LABORDAYTEES.”

Here are all my white shirts, I think.


For Sale: Lots of Total Recall 2012 Shirts & Stuff!

Uploaded a bunch more TR2012 graphics and populated more products.

Here are some mock-ups:

Remember, if you want something on a different color or a different product, just ask for it!

For Sale: Total Recall (2012) Passport Covers

Turned my TR passport art into passport covers over at Zazzle:

Unlike my usual work, these aren’t exact replicas. The real props have funny die cuts and windows in them that I simply cannot reproduce, except as black areas. Rather than go that route, I’ve chosen to make them look a little more normal. Don’t blame me if the Russian or Korean on them is nonsense, that’s simply what was on the props, and I am generally loathe to change them. If you want one but cannot live with nonsense on it, simply contact me and I will make a corrected version.

The Total Recall Section!

Total Recall (2012): First Bank of New Asia Desktop & iPhone Backgrounds

Good Lord, this one was a lot of work. The end results look great, though, if I do say so myself.

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