Total Recall (2012) Fan-made Desktop Backgrounds with Logos

Managed to crank out a few more today. In the middle of working on the New Asia Customs patch.

Here’s what my library looks like right now: 49 symbols!


Here are the BKGs:

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Total Recall (2012): the Money

Years ago, I had replicated the “New Asia” background extra’s passport cover.

Whilst accurizing that yesterday, I undertook making the UFB seal, so I could make a UFB passport cover…

Having that done, I realized I could easily alter it to replicate the seal seen on the money.

Once that was done, I wondered how easy it would be to replicate the whole bill…

A little Googling revealed that the man on the 1000 is the director’s father (Loren Wiseman, and you can even see his signature to the left of his portrait), who I obviously couldn’t find a good photo of… Barack Obama, on the other hand….

Interesting Trivia:

The laurels around the UFB seal on the monetary seal are from the UN logo.

The artist Photoshopped out the president’s US flag lapel pin.

I suspect the UFB seals on the real bills are hot foil stamped.

There appear to be two different kinds of 1000 bill; they have different bottoms.

Not sure who the third guy is, but I’m leaning toward the Dalai Lama.

The Arabic on the bills is particularly wonky; the letters aren’t connected properly.

The Chinese is also suspect, as it appears to repeat itself.

The bills appear to be the same size and shape as US dollar bills, just oriented vertically.

Below, you can see my pieced-together-from-screencaps ‘guide’ on the left, and my replica bill on the right.


Total Recall (2012): Tokonoma Corporation

In Total Recall, the ‘synthetic’ police droids are manufactured by the Tokonoma Corporation.

Tokonoma is a Japanese word meaning ‘alcove.’

It is spelled 床の間.

In the film, Tokonoma Corporation is spelled 床間公司, which translates to “Beds, Ltd.”


Total Recall (2012): New Asia Passport replica

Before the film was released, we got a look at one of the background extra’s passports:

Total Recall (2011) Passport

Here is my replica, based on that photo. You’re gonna need to print this on cardstock, and cut-out the covers and glue them together. The size is a guess, based on the size of a real passport. The inside is blank, as I cannot get a clear image of the fake ones we see on screen. Looks like we’re gonna have to wait until it’s available to rent.













TR Passport