Tremors: Photos: You & The Snake Monster Sign

Entrepreneurship at its finest:

Photos Sign.jpg

Retouched close-up:

Photos Sign.jpg

Appears to be a green, broad marker on bright yellow construction paper or poster board… That’s a pretty well-stocked store, for a town of about 12 people, tops. Maybe they get a lot of tourists passing through.

Tremors: Map of Perfection Found!

You remember the map Kevin Bacon rips off the wall of Chang’s store?

“This valley is just one long smorgasbord!”

I thought this might have been based on a real map, just retouched through some old-school cut & paste. It seems awfully busy to have been drawn from scratch for a couple shots less than a second long. I Google searched a couple of the unusual place names (Zumwalt Meadow) and managed to confirm that this is a real location. The location is the Cedar Grove area of Kings Canyon National Park, in California.

But what was the exact version of the map used for Perfection Valley?

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