V for Vendetta: the Money

Seen only in a handful of frames are two different banknotes, a ten pound and a twenty pound note:

They are ‘issued’ by the National Norsefire Bank, and ‘signed’ by the film’s graphic designer.

TeePublic Sale Ends Tonight!

A friendly reminder that the TeePublic sale ends tonight. Plus, two new shirts:


A “Double Exposure” text treatment on the left, and a replica of the BTN combination mark from V for Vendetta on the right.

V for Vendetta: Police CD DIY Replica

Once I’d replicated the shield graphic, this was simple to put together. Had to take some liberties with the tiny text, however. See how many in-jokes you can find.

Police CD

CD Cover

Print at 100% size on white paper or card stock, preferably glossy. Cut along the trim lines. Makes a great display base for your jammer:


V for Vendetta: Gordon’s Address DIY Replica

Took the time to lay this out with the correct fonts. Making a few simple assumptions about the original, mine are at the likely actual size as well. Also corrected the wonky quotation marks. Also retouched the screencaps, again. These are 6 per sheet, so you have plenty of extras to practice your handwriting forgery.

Gordon’s Address A4 • Gordon’s Address US Letter

Print at 100% size, tear carefully along the dotted gray line, write the address with a pen, and crumple and then flatten for maximum authenticity.

When Does V for Vendetta Take Place?

According to computer displays in the film, no earlier than November of 2024:


Additionally, Evey’s BTN ID is marked as expiring on 12/24. If this is not December 24th, but December of 2024, then V must take place in November of 2025, which would put it at just over 20 years after the release of the film.