BR Graphics Library Update: April, 2019


Looks like 268 individual entries. Some are non-canonical ideas of my own for my personal BR projects, some might be simple color variations, some are just real-world logos that (may have) appeared in BR1. Some are even from Ridleygrams and Syd Mead concept art.

Blade Runner: Unseen Syd Mead Vid-Phon Concept Art

From the video mentioned previously. Perspective corrected in Photoshop.

Vid-Phon Art2

Blade Runner: Hero Vid-Phon Pictures from SDCC 2015

These are actually screencaps from the video seen here.

Not great coverage, and kinda wonky color balance because of the LED lights in the case, but better than nothing. Click the jump below.

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Blade Runner Mysteries: Vid-Phon “Yen” Ad Sticker / Graffiti Replica

We all remember the scene where Deckard drunk dials Rachel from The Snake Pit’s payphone, right?

The Vid-Phons are certainly worth a few posts of their own, but in this case I’d like to focus on just one mysterious piece of graffiti on the Snake Pit’s ‘hero’ Vid-Phon:


Most of the Vid-Phons are covered with handwritten graffiti and stickers. Almost all of the stickers can be accounted for by the art shown in the Blue Dolphin sketchbook. Except for this one circled above.

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The Blade Runner Vid-Phon (No, That’s Not a Typo)

Regarding the “Vid-Phon” from Blade Runner: Thanks to the HD release of the film, and a certain mystery photo showing four phones lined up in a row (Photo by Richard A. Coyle), I’ve attempted to ID all the known phones with the best available references.

I think I have also spotted a Vid-Phon not ID’ed in the film before now. I therefore believe there are a minimum of 5 phones: those in the four-in-a-row photo, and the hero (which, oddly, does not appear in that shot).

Please see the following image:

Reference image of the Vid-Phons from Blade Runner

Please click to enlarge.

In the bottom row, from left to right, these are the known phones:

El Graffito – Mounted on the wall next to the exterior stage door of The Snake Pit. Time: 55:19.

The Hero (No. 1?) – This is the phone inside The Snake Pit that Deckard uses to call Rachel. Time: 50:30.

Backstage – In the backstage hallway inside The Snake Pit, when Deckard is reading his newspaper and waiting for Zhora, there are a row of phones along the wall. These are very difficult to individually identify, due to general blurriness. This single phone is visible just well enough to get a positive ID. Note also the “Out of Order” tape. Time: 52:23.

The “Sub” (No. 3?) – This phone is visible behind Deckard when he calls Rachel from The Snake Pit. This is the phone documented in “The Vid-Phon Report,” by Masakazu Takeda, published in Japan in June of 2004. Time: 50:30.

This still leaves the “?” phone as yet unaccounted for.