How Big is Frank’s 2000″ TV?

On Weird Al’s 1993 album Alapalooza, there is a song called “Frank’s 2000″ TV.” If this is intended to be a stylistic parody of REM’s early work, then it does bear a similarity to songs like Shiny Happy People.

It also begs the question: exactly how big is a 2,000-inch TV?

Since TV screens are measured on the diagonal, and TVs at the time were standard-definition 4:3 proportions, we know we have a right triangle, with a hypotenuse of 2,000 inches (166.66 feet) and sides of 3X and 4X respectively. Solving for X gives us 400 inches, which gives us a screen 100 feet tall and 133.33 feet wide. Note that this does not include the surrounding ‘cabinet’ of the TV.

“Like having a drive-in movie in your own living room?” Yeah, I’d say so.