Alien Universe Replica Graphics Update

Alien Universe Replica Graphics.jpg

The recent work on the Conestoga-class patch brings my total to 53 canon and non-canon graphics.

Alien: Notepads?

Attached to some of the consoles on the bridge are what appear to be small notepad holders:

Notepad BEST.jpg

And also seen here:

These appear to be labeled “Intérieure,” which is simply French for “Interior.” Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Opposite the red text is what appears to be one of the ubiquitous Weylan-Yutani wings stickers.

For Sale: New Alien Universe Stuff!

These three products should be safe to order:


A new, EU-colors Korzeniowski sticker and luggage tag, and a Alien-inspired tee shirt with a little joke, ha ha:


Get it? Because the company was going to sacrifice the crew… It’s not funny if I have to explain it to you…

For Sale: Original and Repro Alien Shirts & Such!

OK, a lot of my new Alien stuff has been ‘posted for sale’ and been sitting there for over 48 hours, and I’m hoping that means it’s unlikely to be killed tomorrow. But what have we got? First, an overview:

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For Sale: Election 2116: I’m Ready for Ripley!

Over here in the USA, the next election isn’t until November of 2016, but the campaigning began weeks ago. Possibly months ago. We are all sick of it… But then a brilliant idea occurred to me: what if we all voted for Ellen Ripley, the hero of the Nostromo (and LV-426)?

This design is inspired by the unofficial “I’m Ready for Hillary” logo. This art (and variations of it) is available on dark & white shirts, in men’s AND ladies’ sizes! AND pins, stickers and posters. Go forth!

*AND a minor footnote for the pedants: I chose the title lieutenant (Aliens) rather than warrant officer (Alien) because the abbreviation “Lt.” is immediately recognizable, whereas “WO.” is far less well known. Additionally, I’m using a modified Weylan-Yutani winged sun graphic because it looked better than the WY logo from Aliens when they were colored red, white and blue. Additionally, I am using the Weylan-Yutani ‘teal’ color in place of the Obama ‘light blue.’ AND, I know that the chronology of Aliens places the events in Alien around 2122, not 2116. I just wanted to make a little joke.

Alien: Aspen Beer Can Label Art

Far more ubiquitous than my beloved Balaji cigarette packs are the cans of Weylan-Yutani Aspen Beer.

Seen primarily at the dinner table, but also scattered all over Brett & Parker’s areas of engineering.

These are also branded with the WY wings logo. These are labeled as 440 ml cans; that’s a UK standard can size, which, for a beer allegedly brewed in Aspen, Colorado, USA, is a bit incongruous. Auctions give the can height as 6 inches, but this may be rounded to the nearest inch.

My “Aspen Beer” logo is done, my label is not. There are already some shirts out there with this on them… perhaps I should stick to stickers? Oval, perhaps?


Alien: Jones’ Food Dish


Enlarged HD screencap above.

Not sure what this is. The seam line across the middle seems odd. It’s possible it’s just two Tupperware containers glued bottom-to-bottom. I do like that it is hand-lettered “Jones” with a cat drawing AND Weylan-Yutani branded.

For Sale: Alien Weylan-Yutani “Wings” Budget Playing Cards

Pretty happy with this design. To me, it seems appropriately ‘period’ – that is, what something designed in 1978 might look like, using the tools available to them at that time. Reminds me of older airline-branded playing cards.


This is the ‘budget’ version. The other version, with more colors and options on the faces of the cards, is more expensive.

Do you think WY would have customized playing cards for every tug? I don’t think so… You don’t see that with aircraft. Do you see it with cruise ships? Maybe. But they have thousands of paying customers on them… Commercial towing vessels do not :)