Aliens: Acheron Colony Staff


“Tell him that, as far as I’m concerned, if he finds something, it is his. Lydecker…” *gestures towards children running amuck*

The operations managers, Simpson & Lydecker, both have name tags and Weyland-Yutani Acheron Colony tags. The “Y” in the logo appears to be bright, silver-tone vinyl, in a mirror or polished finish, as evidenced by the way it reflects light here:

Simpson appears to be addressed as “Al” by Lydecker, but his name tag says “M. Simpson,” and the name on his cubicle wall in operations says “W. Simpson.”

Lydecker & Simpson Titles

Aliens: Carter Burke’s Business Card

Burke gives Ripley this business card at the end of his visit with Gorman.

Note that there appear to be two slightly different variations of the card: One is a simple rectangle with rounded corners and centered content, much like a modern business card, most visible in the first two screencaps, from scenes with the principal actors:

The other version, more commonly seen in replicas, appears to have two tapered, angled corners and off-center content, most visible in the close-up shot of the card on the table:


It is not immediately clear whether the proportions of this tapered card are the same as a modern business card or not.

Alien Universe Replica Graphics Update

Alien Universe Replica Graphics.jpg

The recent work on the Conestoga-class patch brings my total to 53 canon and non-canon graphics.

Aliens: Conestoga-Class Promo Shirts

According to ‘expanded universe’ materials, the USS Sulaco is a Conestoga-class transport ship; formerly a troop transport, upgraded to a light assault carrier. With that in mind, I’ve created these Aliens-inspired shirt designs:

This is a logo design for the USCM Conestoga-class ship contract, as designed by Weyland-Yutani (Space) Corp, and built at their Conrad Shipyards. Fonts used are from the film, as is the WY logo. The shape of the patch echoes the WY logo, and the colors are inspired by the USCM patches seen on screen. The background of the patch features 13 stars and some curvilinear shapes from the USCM ‘delta’ patch Apone wears.

These are meant to be promotional items made by WY for their employees, and trade shows and such. This comes in three styles: a large full-color version, a small full-color version with “Design Group” written below the logo, and a large ‘low visibility’ version in gray and black:

Conestoga Color Large

Conestoga Design Group Small

Conestoga Low Visibility

It was difficult to find good profile pics of the Sulaco. Here’s a sample of my art:


Weyland-Yutani Stencil Shirts

This art is based on some stencils seen inside the colony in Aliens:

My replica art:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 9.09.13 AM

Art ‘weathering / distressing’ detail:


We’ll see if it survives the lawyers:

Yellow Stencil Black Stencil

Alien Universe Graphics Update: August 8, 2015

Created the WeylanD-Yutani Corp logo from AlienS. And the WY stencil from the background. And a Sevastopol patch. And a UPC code for my Balaji replica project.

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 6.28.57 PM copyTweaked my Confed seal from Robot Jox to be more accurate.

Thanks to a boatload of new pics of the BR Blimp, I added a graphic to my BR library. It’s for a color film company. Japanese of course.

Added some noise and ripples and purple to my Nostromo boot-up screen:

Nostromo Red Screen BKG 1

Which are hard to see at this scale….