Firefly: Mal Pistol Ammo Box (Fan-Made Non-Canon)

This is the third version of my non-canonical, fan-made DIY ammo box for Mal’s pistol, the Model 47-A.

Here are two new files, one with the rough paper texture and one without. Note that the box art features a picture of H&K / Dynamit-Nobel G-11 caseless assault rifle ammunition, which may conflict with other items in your display.

I do recommend that both boxes be printed on a light tan card stock, to keep the cut edges and interior looking appropriately colored.

Additionally, this (admittedly unusual) box pattern is taken from a paperclip box. I chose it because it requires no glue, only careful assembly. You are welcome to ignore the fiddly cut lines in the narrow sides and simply glue the side flaps to the interior if you so choose.

Warmest regards from Copper Hill Arms, Petersburg, Lilac.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 1.26.26 PM

box3a • box3b