Lucky Dragon, Delta-V and Metropolis

More shirt designs:


Tweaked my Lucky Dragon logo for the millionth time, and came up with a symmetrical Delta-V design for all you physics majors / rocket scientists. And added a combination of elements from Metropolis.

Lucky Dragon Logo

The “Lucky Dragon” chain of convenience stores was created by William Gibson and is used in Idoru and All Tomorrow’s Parties. The company is headquartered in Singapore.

After hours of work over a few days, I’ve come up with this logo:


The general color scheme and LD device are parodies of the 7-Eleven logo and trade dress. The star and crescent are derived from the flag and coat of arms of Singapore.

I was quite happy with the LD and crescent and star alone, but the books say there is a smiling dragon with smoke coming out his nose, so I had to add one. Singapore has a lion logo used for promoting the country, so I turned him into a dragon. The dragon is intended to be a bit cartoonish, like a Japanese cartoon mascot. The ‘retro’ eyes in particular are derived from a Singaporean mascot: Water Wally, of the Public Utilities Board.

Though Gibson seems to set neon pink as one of the company’s primary colors, that’s not often an option on Tee Public, and additionally looks hideous. I have toyed with tweaking the colors to complement a neon-pink or magenta shirt. If that is something you’d be interested in, or perhaps a variation of this combination logo (LD only or dragon only, etc), please let me know in the comments.

Here’s my proposed alternate color scheme, which looks a bit like Dunkin’ Donuts to me: