V for Vendetta: Fingerman Badge Re-Visited

V for Vendetta – Xth Anniversary – MMV-MMXV

Since V had it’s world premiere in December of 2005, but wide release in 2006, I’m going to seize the opportunity to make some apropos posts.

First up: we revisit the Fingermen Badge. Subtle, yet menacing, and a lovely piece of craftsmanship. Note that this badge is totally different from the regular police badges.

Newly prepared HD screencap below the jump!

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For Sale: Election 2116: I’m Ready for Ripley!

Over here in the USA, the next election isn’t until November of 2016, but the campaigning began weeks ago. Possibly months ago. We are all sick of it… But then a brilliant idea occurred to me: what if we all voted for Ellen Ripley, the hero of the Nostromo (and LV-426)?

This design is inspired by the unofficial “I’m Ready for Hillary” logo. This art (and variations of it) is available on dark & white shirts, in men’s AND ladies’ sizes! AND pins, stickers and posters. Go forth!

*AND a minor footnote for the pedants: I chose the title lieutenant (Aliens) rather than warrant officer (Alien) because the abbreviation “Lt.” is immediately recognizable, whereas “WO.” is far less well known. Additionally, I’m using a modified Weylan-Yutani winged sun graphic because it looked better than the WY logo from Aliens when they were colored red, white and blue. Additionally, I am using the Weylan-Yutani ‘teal’ color in place of the Obama ‘light blue.’ AND, I know that the chronology of Aliens places the events in Alien around 2122, not 2116. I just wanted to make a little joke.

I, Robot (2004): Detective Del Spooner’s (Will Smith) Chicago Police Badge

Set in 2035 Chicago, Will Smith’s character displays this futuristic light-up badge & credentials / ID in the film.

Trailer screencap (2004):

IR Badge 1

HD screencap (circa 2012):


The shot may have been cropped in editing or HD transfer. Additionally, the ‘scanning’ effect is different in the trailer than in the final film, In the HD screencap, one can notice a small wrinkle in the faux carbon fiber decal (vinyl?) on the lower left corner. Milling marks are visible on the badge. Additionally, the distinctive font used for “SPOONER” etc, is an older font developed by Apple for their earliest Macintosh computers in 1984, which would make it 51 years old at the time this movie takes place (20 years old at time of filming). It’s use here is, I suspect, a deliberate inside joke by a graphic designer, as the font is named “Chicago.”

Jaws: Chief Brody’s Badge

Out of all the times I’ve seen Jaws on TV, and having just seen it a month ago on the big screen for the anniversary, I never noticed Chief Brody’s Amity Police badge. I noticed the shoulder patches. But I could have sworn he didn’t even have a badge! But he does:

Badge 2The only excuse I can make is that the actors and the action on screen is so riveting, I never had cause to let my eyes wander around the costumes…

Hunt for Red October: Captain Marko Ramius’ Hat / Ushanka

Here’s a good picture of Ramius’ hat (ushanka). Note the Soviet Naval badge (see the anchor?).

For more on the fascinating history of the Ushanka, click here!

Hat Badge 1

House, MD: Dr. Chase’s Hospital ID Tag

From season 8, episode 11 of House, MD, February, 2012. This is an HD screencapture of Dr. Chase’s Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital name tag / ID tag. This image has been rotated 180 degrees, so that the ID appears right-side-up. This image has not been cropped.

Not the Mona Lisa