Yellow Sign Chromatic Aberration

Ultra-modern, hip and hi-tech version of The Yellow Sign. Be the coolest kid in Carcosa when you’ve found the New & Improved Yellow Sign!


Yellow Sign Chromatic at TeePublic

Yellow Sign Chromatic at RedBubble

Yellow Sign Chromatic Multiple Stickers Only

JM Hawaiian Shirt Update 7

Based on my printed shirt, I’ve tweaked my art for the millionth time:

Master Pattern F 1 F 2 Compare.jpg

Though the end result looks like the whole thing simply had the brightness turned up, I tweaked almost every element individually: The CPUs, the Ono-Sendai logotype, the blue diamonds, the flowers & fans stokes, the flowers & fans fills, the circuit traces, the purple background and the blue background.

It may not be perfect, but the next one will be better…

Looking Like Your Standard Tourist Tech…


“He was outside, waiting. Looking like your standard tourist tech, in plastic zoris and a silly Hawaiian shirt printed with blowups of his firm’s most popular microprocessor; a mild little guy…”

Mr. Gibson: Thanks for everything :)

JM Hawaiian Shirt Update 5

I can’t remember why, but I went searching a few days ago for a place that could print an ‘all-over’ button-down, men’s short sleeve shirt. And I found 2 that look like they fit the bill well. Best of all, one is all cotton and printed and then cut & sewn. This will substantially decrease my cost, compared to me ordering yards of fabric and then trying to find a tailor in the states.

These two manufacturers being found, I went into my files and tweaked the pattern for the millionth time. I’m now on Master Pattern F, and took that into Photoshop to make a few more subtle tweaks to the colors. I then ’tiled’ it myself, manually, in PS, and checked for alignment errors. Found a few, and fixed them. I’m very happy with my master pattern now.

No firm dates as yet; I still need to gather up some funds, but I think this could be in my hands in five or six weeks after I order. There’s still time to make the 35th anniversary of the year it was published. And next year will be the 40th anniversary of the year it was written.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 4.28.22 PM

Johnny Mnemonic Shirts at TeePublic

Put seven new designs up on TeePublic yesterday:

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.13.32 AM

The Sogo 7 logo from the ‘datagloves,’ the Sino-Logic 16 logo, a stylized pointy blue shape from cyberspace, the ‘height’ glyph from cyberspace, some Chinese text from cyberspace, and the Burdine logo from the opening cyberspace sequence, and the logo of the Beijing Hotel (not shown in the above image). Lots of excitement.

“I want roomservice!”