For Sale: Metropolis “UTAMOH” Shirts And Others!

These are both based on ads / signage adorning the giant city miniature:

I recommend gray shirts for these. There is also a light shirt with UTAMOH in black, and a UTAMOH sticker. Also a “R” banner in red and white.

For Sale: Graphics from Metropolis (1927)!

I’m a big fan of Metropolis. If you are, too, maybe you’d like to look over my offerings:


I’m especially fond of this one:


It’s an arrangement of some of the elements found on the banknotes.

Anyway, there are pins and stickers and shirts out the wazoo, and even a shirt for ladies! Of course, you know you can ask me to make a ladies’ shirt with any of the pieces of art you see there. It’s just that the ladies’ shirts have fewer colors and are more expensive than the men’s.  :(

Metropolis Money: a Preview of Coming Attractions

These banknotes are deceptively complex. And some of the vector art I’m creating is very large, for an Illustrator file. I am therefore going the unusual route of compositing these in Photoshop, which handles large files much better than AI. Here’s an example:

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Current Events: July 29, 2015

I’m going to ask the question that I’m sure is on everyone’s mind: how is Elvis, and have you seen him lately What am I up to when I’m not watching movies or working?

Well, you already know I’m working on replicating the graphics from the Jurassic World trackers, building a Marko Ramius costume from The Hunt for Red October, and to those I’ll now add replicating the money from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

I originally attempted this in 2003(!), using low res pics and Photoshop. Now I have much better refs and the power of Adobe Illustrator. I am certain these will be the best replicas on the market when they are finished. I’ve already got the 100 bill done. Some of the design elements from the 100 are reused on the 500 and 1,000 with no changes. I have re-drawn by hand the signatures. I have meticulously tweaked the colors, and I have even recreated the watermark in the paper. I have tweaked and completely redrawn individual letters and numbers.

When ‘close enough’ isn’t close enough.