Blade Runner 2: The New Blaster?

This photo was released recently:


And on the left, in the shadows, are what appear to be two BR blasters: the original, and a new(?) design:


Here’s a second pass at lightening, etc:


The Man in the High Castle: Kempeitai ID Card

Note that this uses the asymmetrical “Rising Sun” icon from the pilot episode.

Happy Birthday, Philip K. Dick!

December 16, 1928 – March 2, 1982.

Motion pictures based on his works:

  • 1982: Blade Runner
  • 1990: Total Recall
  • 1995: Screamers
  • 1999: Total Recall 2070 (TV series)
  • 2001: Impostor
  • 2002: Minority Report
  • 2003: Paycheck
  • 2006: A Scanner Darkly
  • 2007: Next
  • 2011: The Adjustment Bureau
  • 2012: Total Recall (remake)
  • 2015: The Man in the High Castle (TV miniseries)
  • 2015: Minority Report (TV series)

Shirts Added to TeePublic, Still on Sale!

You have 6.5 hours of $14 tees left. I have added approximately two dozen shirts to my TeePublic store:


Many of these are brand new to anywhere, so please take a look.